Install Froxlor on debian 7

1. Edit sources

In order to install Froxlor on Debian we need to add the repositories first:

touch /etc/apt/sources.list.d/froxlor.list

Next we will add the sources to froxlor.list.

If you’re on Debian Squeeze:

echo 'deb squeeze main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/froxlor.list

If you’re on Debian Wheezy:

echo 'deb wheezy main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/froxlor.list

2. Approve key for Froxlor

Now add and approve the key for the Froxlor packages:

apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key FD88018B6F2D5390D051343FF6B4A8704F9E9BBC

3. Update package list

To update your package list and upgrade your system to latest, enter the following command:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

4. Install Froxlor

Install Froxlor together with all needed packages (e.g. webserver):

apt-get install froxlor

5. Proceed with installation and configuration

sumber :

Install Froxlor in centos 6

requirment :

1. OS centos 6.5
2. apache ( web server):
yum install httpd -y
service httpd start

3. mysql server:
yum install mysql mysql-server -y
service mysql start

4. php :
yum install *php -y

5. modul php :
-PHP PDO extension and PDO-MySQL driver
yum install php-pdo -y
yum install php-mysql -y

– PHP XML-extension
yum install php-xml -y

-PHP filter-extension
yum install php-filter -y

-PHP posix-extension
yum install php-posix

– PHP bcmath-extension
yum install php-bcmath -y

-PHP curl-extension
yum install php-curl -y

service httpd restart

6. install froxlor

cd /var/www/html
tar -xvf froxlor-latest.tar.gz

/usr/sbin/groupadd froxlor
/usr/sbin/useradd -g froxlor froxloruser

chown -R froxloruser /var/www/html/froxlor

service httpd restart

7. config froxlor
8. File was saved in /tmp/, please move to lib/