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Stay warm with an attractive winter hat

New jersey hat head now is stylish in some circles.

Young trendsetters are making cool the winter hats usually worn to keep you warm.In weather diverse cities of seattle, new york ny and atlanta, fedoras, cloches and even berets are among the bookmarks.

These bankruptcies are not necessarily your berets of french artist types or even guardian angels:Imagine chunky knit discs in creams and deep jewel tones with a hippie vibe.

“The new victory of the beret look is the knit version, that may be like the slouchier, bigger kind of cousin up to the more structured, the more common beret, says atlanta hair salon tamara connor, who as well long put a military inspired version on rapper young jeezy.

The beret isn’t exactly new the silhouette can be traced cure to the french spanish border where Ralph Lauren Italia fisherman and sailors wore them but they’ve become especially ubiquitous this season in both traditional and hippie styles after peppering runways at chanel, marc jacobs and rob lauren, and turning up on babes such as rihanna.

Connor envisions the hat worn with extra-Large sweaters, stockings and boots, even as ann watson, fashion movie representative at manhattan’s henri bendel, lately has been interested in a more refined look, most likely with a long coat and high boots.

Sure enough, the beret’s beauty lies in being able to shift from day to night, fifth avenue to rap.

“It’s really versatile, shown kim maxwell, head of styles by maxx fashion talking to, in atl.

“I saw someone wearing a nice blazer with a turtleneck with like a really cute pencil skirt and some heels, says maxwell, who envisions the same hat with an green t shirt, troubled jeans and wedge boots.

Pull it over your ears for one look;Push it a little further back and frame the face with bangs and you’ve recreated cameron diaz’s recent beret figure. (That minimal amount of peek of hair can be key:Maxwell says the look is best worn on those that have a bob length or longer locks. )

Custom eric javits also likes diaz in hats, saying she feels how hats can really Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Italia transform your look.Where a beret is rakish, a fedora can chic.

“Albeit a fedora is menswear inspired, it continues to have feminine touches, like a hat band of purple velvet or taffeta, discussed gregg andrews, a fashion overseer for seattle based nordstrom.

The hats also happen to seem to have always been trimmed to fit women’s smaller frames.As an example, the brims on fedoras and trilbies are faster, which tends to make people less self aware of wearing them, letters javits.

“With a percentage of small brims, you never know it notice you’re wearing a hat.It’s not in your way and you really feel, he was quoted saying. “People require ease,

He even enquiries the cloche”A un hat hat, it’s really easy to wear, proclaims javits, mostly because it’s a flattering oval shape and you usually wear it over your ears so it’s good in cold temperatures.

Javits also predicts we’ll see floppy hats again this spring when the overall fashion silhouette becomes more enjoyable.

“A modern woman won’t be wearing one of the big, outlandish runway hats, have advised bendel’s watson.

What that modern woman will work, watson menti one d, is use a hat introducing color into her wardrobe, use it to make a style statement and to protect herself from the weather.

Hats have become a preferred accessory over the past few years as women are treating them not as staples but as style statements, nordstrom’s andrews says.

Or, hats aren’t limited to a certain age group or figure type like the”Everything”Food.Instead it’s a matter of to discover shape for your face and there surely is one out there for everyone, watson these.

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Tokopedia Jaring UKM di Jawa Timur

Staybridge locations aurora

Aurora, illinois hotel’s located near chicago located just west of downtown chicago in the suv town of aurora, the staybridge suites aurora naperville hotel is off i 88 in the meridian company park.Minutes from a metra train stop, these comfortable accommodations are ideally situated for any business trip or family trip.If you are contemplating aurora, il hotels which can help you stay productive, basically the perfect choice.From the free wi fi admittance to the 24 hour business center, you will all the tools you need.Gather your friends for a meeting in the boardroom, that will seat up to 15 people.Rrn addition, the hotel’s location in the meridian business park is near numerous the likes of metlife, one particular hartford and aaa.Although in a suburban area, this aurora hotel is overlooking exciting attractions.Shopping enthusiasts love visiting the chicago premium outlet mall and westfield fox valley nearby mall.The nearby naperville riverwalk is a great place to enjoy the outside.Just a five minute emerge, the route 59 metra station offers immediate access to downtown chicago.Imagine having good luck amenities during your trip to aurora, il.The hotel’s property consists of a sports court, indoor pool and health and gymnasium.The next day, you will be able join us for a free, hot breakfast time bar, and every tues thurs we serve a free light meal at the sundowner response.Call us today to enjoy everything we have to give you!

The farnsworth household, built by ludwig mies van der rohe in 1951 and based near plano, the state of il, is Ralph Lauren Outlet without doubt famous examples of modernist domestic architecture and was considered unprecedented in its day

Stonebridge country club home of lpga contest

This course is home to the lpga tournament.It comes with 6905 yards of golf

Esplanade, zoo, greens and gardens

Polo Ralph Lauren Italia Outlet Pheasant take

North single collegeconsidered the”Crown gem”Of the naperville, the riverwalk is a place of beauty and solace along the west branch of the dupage river.It delivers 1.75 miles of brick tracks, Water features, Connections, Webinar get-Together and event places, outdoor figurine and artwork, r

Step into our village our living history museum tells the story of day to day life in naperville as it changed from a simple frontier outpost to a bustling turn of the century community.By means of costumed villagers, annual events and special presents, you’ve got a kn

The morton arboretum is an outdoor museum of trees and other plants from worldwide.The 16 miles of hiking trails have been planned well to enhance your experiences on the grounds.These trails lead you thru plant collections, natural categories.

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Instagram Kalah Cepat dengan Pinterest & Tumblr

Jakarta – Awal tahun 2014, Instagram boleh memimpin platform jejaring sosial yang tumbuh dengan cepat. Tapi sekarang, Pinterest dan Tumblr adalah dua platform yang mampu berlari mendahului layanan milik Facebook tersebut.

Dalam catatan Index Web Global, pengguna aktif Tumblr tumbuh sebesar 120% dalam enam bulan terakhir. Sementara pengguna aktif Facebook hanya tumbuh 2%.

Sementara itu Pinterest yang datang di belakangnya dengan cakupan pertumbuhan sebesar 111% dalam setengah tahuh ini. Ini artinya membuat Instagram harus puas di posisi ketiga. Demikian yang dikutip dari Mashable, Kamis (27/11/2014).

Namun angka tersebut adalah mengacu pada pertumbuhan, sementara bila ditaruh di sisi jumlah pengguna aktif. Tumblr masih berada di posisi kedelapan, sementara di posisi teratas tetap ditempati oleh Facebook.

Untuk aplikasi mobile, Snapchat melihat pertumbuhan yang paling tinggi dengan peningkatan 56% dalam enam bulan. Facebook Messenger datang kedua, meskipun hal ini tidak terlalu mengejutkan karena Facebook dasarnya memaksa banyak pengguna untuk men-download aplikasi pendamping.

Instagram berada di posisi ketiga untuk penggunaan aplikasi, diikuti oleh Line, Pinterest, Kakao Talk dan Vine.

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Menguak Misteri Lubang Hitam

Jakarta – Sebagian orang pasti sudah sering mendengar istilah lubang hitam. Apalagi buat mereka yang belum lama ini menonton film Interstellar yang secara tak langsung bicara soal misteri luar angkasa tersebut Jadi sebenarnya apa sih lubang hitam itu?

Secara dasar, bila mendengar kata lubang hitam biasanya orang akan langsung menyebut sebuah lubang yang berada di luar angkasa yang mampu menyedot apa pun yang ada di sekitarnya.

Sedangkan spekulasi lainnya mengatakan lubang hitam sebenarnya adalah lubang waktu atau jembatan antar dimensi yang bisa mengantar objek di dalamnya ke sisi lain semesta. Apa benar demikan?

Yang namanya menduga-duga memang sah-sah saja, tapi bila bertanya soal lubang hitam ke ahli astrologi jawabannya akan sangat berbeda. John Mitchell adalah ilmuwan asal barat yang pertama kali bicara soal lubang hitam pada tahun 1783.

Salah satu teorinya yang mendukung teori lain yang mengatakan lubang hitam sebenarnya adalah sebuah benda langit seperti bintang namun dengan daya tarik gravitasi luar biasa. Saking besarnya daya tarik gravitasi yang dimiliki, sampai-sampai bisa menarik benda langit yang ada di sekitarnya. Jangankan bintang, lubang hitam bahkan sampai bisa menarik cahaya ke dalamnya.

Atau bila dicontohkan, bila sebuah benda tertarik oleh lubang hitam, meski berusaha melepaskan diri dengan kecepatan cahaya, hal itu akan sia-sia.

Adapun istilah lubang hitam pertama kali dipopulerkan oleh John Archibald Wheeler yang merupakan seorang ahli Fisika asal Amerika Serikat pada tahun 1968. Ia mengatakan, karena lubang hitam bisa menarik cahaya, maka area di sekitarnya menjadi gelap. Itulah sebabnya Wheeler menyebut misteri semesta ini sebagai lubang hitam. Selain itu karena gelap, lubang hitam juga jadi tak terlihat.

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Pasifik Satelit Nusantara Teken Kontrak Satelit Rp 2,4 Miliar

Jakarta – Bertambah lagi putra-putri negeri yang menyabet prestasi di negeri orang. Kali ini diraih Michael Sutanto (12) dan Natasha Emanuelle (13) menjadi jawara dalam 11th World Robot Olympiad Russia 2014 dalam kategori Elementary.

Dua Anak Baru Gede (ABG) dari Indonesia itu mengusung karya “Robot Roket Launcher”. Michael dan Natasha layak jadi juara setelah juri menilai dari segi kreatifitas, timing dan perfect score.

“Michael dan Natasha berhasil mengalahkan tim tangguh lainnya, yakni dari Jepang, Korea, AS, Rusia, Thailand, Malaysia, dan negara-negara lainnya,” demikian seperti rilis dari KBRI Moskow yang diterima, Senin (24/11/2014).

Orang tua yang turut mendampingi Michael dan Natasha juga sangat senang dan lega atas prestasi anaknya dan siap berkompetisi lagi tahun depan, yang nanti akan diadakan di Doha, Qatar. Padahal, orang tua sempat khawatir dengan keadaan Michael karena sejak kemarin diserang mimisan dan sakit perut.

“Keberhasilan Michael dan Natasha sangat membanggakan karena setelah menempuh perjalanan yang panjang dapat membawa medali emas untuk dihadiahkan kepada bumi pertiwi,” ujar Junaedi, pimpinan rombongan Tim Mikrobot Indonesia.

Indonesia dalam kompetisi ini ikut dalam 5 kategori yang dipertandingkan dalam 11th World Robot Olympiad 2014, antara lain: a) Elementary (Rocket), b) Junior High (Sputnik), c) High School (Space Station), d) Open Category, dan e) Football (Robot Soccer). Peserta Indonesia sebanyak 14 orang yang datang untuk bertanding dalam 11th World Robot Olympiad Russia 2014. Indonesia diwakili oleh Tim Mikrobot Indonesia selaku national partner untuk World Robot Olympiad di Indonesia.

Sementara untuk kategori lainnya, yaitu kategori Junior High, High School, Open Category, dan Football, menjadi suatu capaian prestasi karena Indonesia berhasil masuk ke dalam Final Round, 16 besar dalam 11th World Robot Olympiad Russia 2014.

Olimpiade robot ini digelar pada 21-23 November di Kota Sochi, Rusia dan pengumuman pemenang berlangsung pada Minggu (23/11/2014) malam kemarin. Olimpiade Robot Dunia 2014 ini diikuti 58 negara dan sekitar lebih dari 3.000 peserta.

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