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Stay warm with an attractive winter hat

New jersey hat head now is stylish in some circles.

Young trendsetters are making cool the winter hats usually worn to keep you warm.In weather diverse cities of seattle, new york ny and atlanta, fedoras, cloches and even berets are among the bookmarks.

These bankruptcies are not necessarily your berets of french artist types or even guardian angels:Imagine chunky knit discs in creams and deep jewel tones with a hippie vibe.

“The new victory of the beret look is the knit version, that may be like the slouchier, bigger kind of cousin up to the more structured, the more common beret, says atlanta hair salon tamara connor, who as well long put a military inspired version on rapper young jeezy.

The beret isn’t exactly new the silhouette can be traced cure to the french spanish border where Ralph Lauren Italia fisherman and sailors wore them but they’ve become especially ubiquitous this season in both traditional and hippie styles after peppering runways at chanel, marc jacobs and rob lauren, and turning up on babes such as rihanna.

Connor envisions the hat worn with extra-Large sweaters, stockings and boots, even as ann watson, fashion movie representative at manhattan’s henri bendel, lately has been interested in a more refined look, most likely with a long coat and high boots.

Sure enough, the beret’s beauty lies in being able to shift from day to night, fifth avenue to rap.

“It’s really versatile, shown kim maxwell, head of styles by maxx fashion talking to, in atl.

“I saw someone wearing a nice blazer with a turtleneck with like a really cute pencil skirt and some heels, says maxwell, who envisions the same hat with an green t shirt, troubled jeans and wedge boots.

Pull it over your ears for one look;Push it a little further back and frame the face with bangs and you’ve recreated cameron diaz’s recent beret figure. (That minimal amount of peek of hair can be key:Maxwell says the look is best worn on those that have a bob length or longer locks. )

Custom eric javits also likes diaz in hats, saying she feels how hats can really Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Italia transform your look.Where a beret is rakish, a fedora can chic.

“Albeit a fedora is menswear inspired, it continues to have feminine touches, like a hat band of purple velvet or taffeta, discussed gregg andrews, a fashion overseer for seattle based nordstrom.

The hats also happen to seem to have always been trimmed to fit women’s smaller frames.As an example, the brims on fedoras and trilbies are faster, which tends to make people less self aware of wearing them, letters javits.

“With a percentage of small brims, you never know it notice you’re wearing a hat.It’s not in your way and you really feel, he was quoted saying. “People require ease,

He even enquiries the cloche”A un hat hat, it’s really easy to wear, proclaims javits, mostly because it’s a flattering oval shape and you usually wear it over your ears so it’s good in cold temperatures.

Javits also predicts we’ll see floppy hats again this spring when the overall fashion silhouette becomes more enjoyable.

“A modern woman won’t be wearing one of the big, outlandish runway hats, have advised bendel’s watson.

What that modern woman will work, watson menti one d, is use a hat introducing color into her wardrobe, use it to make a style statement and to protect herself from the weather.

Hats have become a preferred accessory over the past few years as women are treating them not as staples but as style statements, nordstrom’s andrews says.

Or, hats aren’t limited to a certain age group or figure type like the”Everything”Food.Instead it’s a matter of to discover shape for your face and there surely is one out there for everyone, watson these.

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Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly – cpanel

Bila anda mengalami error ketika mengakses phpmyadmin di cpanel.

problem :

phpMyAdmin – Error

Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly. Also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser.

Solusi :

  • Login ke server
  • cek log di : /usr/local/cpanel/logs
  • kemudian cek php.ini server atau /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/phpmyadmin/php.ini
  • kemudian cari / lihat baris session_save_path =

misal : session_save_path = /tmp

  • kemudian delete isi file nya + di cleane up nginx nya.
  • lalu cek permission nya , dan ubah jadi 777
  • restart apache
  • logout dari cpanel ,lalu coba login lagi dan akses phpmyadmin nya.

Error: Account Creation Status: failed,mysql user with the name already exists – solved

Jika anda mengalami error seperti di bawah ini ketika anda restore account/ create account di server / di WHM.

problem :

Error: Account Creation Status: failed,mysql user with the name already exists

Solusi :

  1. masuk ke ssh server
  2. kemudian cek file di file berikut :


jika masih ada user DB nya di situ / hapus dari list user nya.

kemudian jalankan perintah / command berikut :

userdel -f username

Daftar Software Gratis untuk Hosting (billing&Support)

List software untuk latihan / referensi daripada menggunakan software bajakan bisa coba software2 berikut.


  1. AgileBillwebsite |download (3.2mb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.4.95 / Maret 2009
  2. cpCreatorwebsite | download (1.69mb)
    Versi terakhir: 2.7.1 / Okt 2007
    Lisensi: Creative Common 3.0 Attribution-No Derrivative
  3. Freesidewebsite | download (3.4mb)
    Info: agak rumit, sudah termasuk sistem support/tiket
    Versi terakhir: 1.7.3 / Mei 2008
    Lisensi: GNU AGPL 3
  4. PHPCoinwebsite | download
    Versi terakhir: 1.6.4 (versi gratis) / Agustus 2009
    Lisensi: ?
  5. The Hosting Toolwebsite | download (3.5mb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.2 / September 2009
    Lisensi: GNU GPL 3


  1. Cerberus Helpdesk (Community Edition)website | download (9.1mb)
    Versi terakhir: 4.2.3 / Agustus 2009
  2. Collabtivewebsite | download (5.8mb)
    Versi terakhir: 0.6 / Juni 2009
    Lisensi: GPL
  3. Drupal + moduleswebsite | download: modul Case Trackermodul Project issue trackingmodul Helpdeskmodul Jobtrack
    Versi terakhir: 6.14 / September 2009 – modul: variatif
    Lisensi: GPL
  4. eTicketwebsite | download (<300kb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.7.3 / Oktober 2008
  5. IRM (Information Resource Manager)website | download (2.3mb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.6 b3 / Oktober 2007
    Lisensi: ?
  6. MantisBTwebsite | download (2.3mb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.1.8 / Juni 2009
    Lisensi: GPL
  7. OTRS (Open Ticket Request System)website | download (15mb)
    Versi terakhir: 2.4.4 / September 2009
    Lisensi: GPL
  8. osTicketwebsite | download (337kb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.6RC5 / Juni 2009
    Lisensi: GPL
  9. SmarterTicketwebsite | download
    Keterangan: Utk Windows Server/ASP, sudah tidak dikembangkan lagi
    Versi terakhir: 2.7.3202 / Oktober 2008
  10. Trellis Deskwebsite | download (1mb)
    Versi terakhir: 1.0.1 / Mei 2009
  11. XOOPS + xHelp modulewebsite | download (5.7mb) & xhelp (<300kb)
    Versi terakhir: 2.4.0RC / September 2009 &
    Lisensi: GPL
  12. LiveZilla
    Versi terakhir :
    Lisensi : Free
    URL Resmi :
  13. Hosting Support Gratis (Free Hosted Support)
    Versi Terakhir : 2.0
    Lisensi : Free
    URL Resmi :
  14. Trellis Desk
    Url resmi

Web Hosting panel

  1. Webmin
  2. Virutalmin
  3. Kloxo
  4. DTC
  5. ISPConfig
  6. VHCS
  7. ISCP Omega
  8. SysCP
  9. GNUPanel
  10. EHCP
  11. OpenPanel
  12. Baifox